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Sorry I have been bad keeping up this week but I did all those three Gov Ball posts so I guess I sort have kept up. Well this week has been NUTS. I am going to Austin tomorrow morning (Saturday) for two weeks and then to Portugal for a week with my sisters at the end of June. I could not be more excited! Not that I don’t love NYC because I do, but I’ve got the tropics on my mind. And its also going to be nice to stay in a home instead of my tiny apartment. I should probably start packing actually… This week has been jammed packed with meetings, photoshoots, designing, and blogging. I met with a new printing company to bring my manufacturing of my scarves local to New York. It went really well and I am really looking forward to the samples! This new company seems really promising and I like that they finish they use economical and environmental friendly methods to manufacture and finish the scarves! I will keep yall updated.
Also, last week I met Vann Apragal, the creator and writer of Soho Street Style Magazine while working at MCNally’s book café in Soho. I believe everything happens for a reason and Vann approached me about a drawing I was working on for my new scarf design and we got to talking about what we both do here in the city. It was then and there that he proposed that we do a photo shoot together to possibly be featured in one of the issues of his magazine! So then this week, on Tuesday, I went out to Factory Studios with my huge turquoise suitcase full of all 21 scarf designs and all black and white clothes to take photos showcasing my scarves! The Factory studio is so cool and it was such a great time! The whole roof was graffiti painted and if you have kept up with my blog you know I love graffiti :); but it changes every so often because different artists come and paint new stuff which I thought was SO cool. We took some pictures up on the roof and in the studio apartment. I hope the pictures come out well and I look forward to seeing his magazine grow!
So back to the outfit, I wore this shirt and skirt combo while vacationing in the Cayman Islands in March. I love how the colors compliment each other and the graphic tee clashes with the patterns. I feel like this is shirt and skirt pairing is very unexpected but I dig it. I bought both while I was in London with my sisters last year! Actually, come to think of it, I bought both in Notting Hill. I bought the shirt off a stand on Portobello Road and the skirt from the Bimba y Lola store. I love mixing up different pieces in my closet and creating new and eccentric outfits. You can see this skirt worn with other patterns while I was in Aspen and also styled with a more basic top while staying in Napa Valley last summer. A patterned midi skirt or pencil skirt is definitely a necessity for this summer. It makes for a flattering and fun piece to match with almost anything in your closet. It looks great with crop tops, sweaters, graphic tees, etc. A patterned skirt is worth your investment, you won’t be sorry! And of course, a Lexicon of Style scarf to top it off! ;-) Well I’m off to pack and hang out with some friends that are coming in town tonight! I will be postings some more NYC street style posts that I took with Andrew Morales while I am in Austin and then keep y’all updated with my travels to Austin and Portugal.  Can’t wait!

Shop the Iris Scarf

Shop the Iris Scarf