Gov Ball NYC: Day 1

June in NYC at Gov Ball NYC: Featuring my scarf design, The 36inch Iris Scarf>>> Shop my designs and the rest of the look below

Roaming Randall's Island at Gov Ball NYC>>> shop my designs and the look below!

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First day at Gov Ball NYC!!! Well this year’s Gov Ball was ABSOLUTELY perfect. Thank goodness the weather stayed sunny and beautiful, unlike last year’s ball. Last year was a crazy monsoon that made it a huge mud mosh pit. So we were extremely lucky to have such great weather. So the high was like eighty degrees the first day with sunshine and a breeze. Considering I haven’t gotten a chance to lay out or really be in the sun I decided to wear my favorite Kenneth Cole one pieces with some aerodynamic sheer leopard pants. I didn’t even break a sweat and I got some sun!! This outfit was so comfortable and breezy–perfect for this amazing weather. I love love LOVE this swimsuit by Kenneth Cole. I have a bit of a curvy figure so I usually can’t wear stripes but this swimsuit cinches in at the waistline and brings the stripes in at an angle at the bottom half which really draws the eyes to center of the swimsuit and takes away from the side of the body. With all the attention being drawn to the center of the body, it really makes a thinning illusion. I can’t wait to wear this suit without the pants in Austin and on my trip to Portugal!! I know for some the mix of leopard and stripes may be a bit much but… hey why not go all out? So going along with the clash of patters, I threw in the 36-inch Iris Scarf as a turban on my head to add some color to the patterns. This outfit just screams music fest but still remains a typical outfit I would wear everyday but probably with a striped shirt rather than a swimsuit. I don’t usually like it when people TRY too hard to look festival-ish and some might think this is trying but really… I wear this on a day-to-day basis, just with out the plunging neckline. Hope this look gives your some confidence to try out the mixing and matching of some patterns!

Shop the Iris Scarf

Shop the Iris Scarf